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Do you Move or Extend ?

Step 1. Is extending the Right Move ?


Moving house costs and checklists, plus excellent pointers to help you improve and extend your property if this is what you decide is actually "your best move".

moving house
What type of Extension ?

Step 2. What is the Right extension for you ?


It's not often easy to reach the "right" decision on anything, let alone something as complex and involved as a building project.

We hope these pointers will help you navigate the best way through.

Extension Type
Check Planning & Bldng Regs.

Step 3. Effect of Planning and Building Regs


Before you can build anything these days - you've got to:

  • Design it
  • Plan it
  • Engineer it
  • Follow the "rules"
  • And get one or more approvals

These free guidelines should help.

Regulations approved
Use The Right Materials

Step 4. What are the best building materials


To design and specify a building requires a good knowledge of building materials and components:-

  • What they do
  • How they perform
  • Where they can be used
  • and much more besides

Understand how best to approach this and meet the latest building regulations.

best building materials
Create your 'Grand Design'

Step 5. Creating your Extension design


Being properly prepared for designing a house extension could save you endless hours of worry and frustration, as well as a great deal of possibly avoidable expense.

The initial design stage of creating the right home extension for your project is critical. This step will determine not only whether or not you are likely to get planning and building regulation approval, but also whether the costs of what you will have to include within the building to obtain these are affordable.

Build your Dream Extension

Step 6.


Understand the different stages of construction, how to manage the build process, and learn to
avoid the common pitfalls with the useful guides in this section.

manage your extension build project

Although an extension for, office, factory, barn, stable, roof, or whatever is, by its very nature, a truly ‘one-off’ project, this website is designed to be relevant for all building extenders. Whether you are a homeowner, extension architect, local builder, or designer of extensions, our aim is to give you the information you want.

While much of the information on our site refers to domestic extensions, it will provide you with a basis for understanding your particular specific needs.

As part of the Benfield Advanced Timber Technology Group, we look forward to providing you with any professional services, timber frame manufacturing requirements, or on site extension erection and other extension building supplies that you may require

Good Luck with your building project!

Budget Price Professional Extension Services

Simply Build Extensions understand how important it is to low cost building extensions. But it is also important to make sure that you engage the services of approved building professionals. Simply send in the dimensioned sketch plans for your house extension and we’ll get back to you with a free price estimate for the structure of your timber frame extension and budget cost quotation for much of the rest of the extension building work. Get your free quotations for land & building surveys, architectural home extension designs, and planning and building regulation services, plus estimates for full ‘turn-key’ extension buildings available.

Eco-Home Extensions

‘Green’ is the new colour for all buildings, including all forms of house extension and home improvement. Ensuring that environmentally sustainable refurbishment, rebuilding, renovation, or other house extension meets planning and building regulations is essential.

Lifetime Building Costs

Knowing that property value of a well-designed building extension, roof replacement, stable conversion, and so on, is more important than the initial building cost price. ‘Green’ energy saving designs save energy and money - on low heating costs, cooling, building, maintenance, decoration, and much more. They also please the planners and building control authorities, which means easier, faster home extension planning permissions

We are your Local House Extension Builders

Whether you are in England, Scotland, or Wales; in the North, South, East, West, or Midlands, no matter which county, city, town or village, we are your local timber frame building extension specialists. Cardiff, Newport, Bristol, Gloucester, Swindon, Reading, Oxford, Portsmouth London, Leicester, or wherever – compare our prices for a first class service.

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