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Fixing Photo Voltaic Electicity Generation Domestically

PV Retofit Makes Sense

Solar Warming Up

A lasting impression form this year’s Eco-Build Exhibition held at Excel in East London, was the way in which Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) electricity generation, has suddenly burst out on the scene.

Global Contestants

Joining the UK companies fighting to get a share of this new market were entrants from China, the USA, Spain, and others within their continents.  So overwhelming was their presence that It seemed as if a third or more of the hall space had been taken over by their universal force.

Big Spends

The size, complexity, and staffing of their stands evidences the huge amount of money that they see as being at stake in this emerging market. Fuelled by Feed-in-Tariffs and regulatory demands for greater use of renewable energy in new developments, the rush us for ‘Solar Gold’.

Solar Farm Danger

The danger is that, as mentioned several times in our sister Simply Self Build’s recent blogs, is that the large solar farms will swallow up all of the available funds.  So much so that the Government is seriously looking into the way FIT’s are allocated.


No one should any longer have any doubt that PV generation is here to stay. Nor should they doubt that the big operators will capitalise on any available incentives to the detriment of everyone else – if they are allowed to.

So, in these days of ever escalating fuel costs, if you have ever thought about installing PV on your property, development, or as part of a home improvement or extension, don’t waste any more time. Get on with it while there are still some incentives available.

NB: You can buy PV Kits for installation on your property on line from our associate Home & Garden Centre

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