Green Words - Grey Clouds

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Budget Failure

Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget once again demonstrates Government’s failure to understand the kind of ‘joined-up-thinking’ needed to both revitalise industry and promote sustainability.

Far from promoting it’s boast to be the ‘Greenest Ever’ administration, they have not even used it to prepare the ground for their own upcoming Green Deal programme.

Missing Measures

Where, for example, is the encouragement for anyone to:-

  • make their home ‘greener’?
  • retrofit energy saving and energy generation equipment?
  • undertake energy efficient repairs?

And what has happened to incentives that can differentiate ‘normal’ building works from ‘environmentally sustainable’ improvements, like:-

  • removal of, or decrease in, VAT for these?
  • lower council taxes for sustainably improved (as well as new) homes?
  • reduced stamp duty on truly ‘green’ designs and buildings?

Creating Markets

The Coalition has ‘Talked the Talk’.  Now it needs to ‘Walk the Walk’.

Unless they act decisively to create sustainable construction and housing markets, they will both loose the opportunities these hold for creating jobs and restoring national economic growth, and miss their own targets for reducing CO2 outputs and energy consumption.

Green Deal – White Elephant

Government’s ‘Green Deal’ start date of August 2012 is not far away. For it to work the building industry needs plenty of time, scope and encouragement to prepare and mobilise for this.

Based on the abject failure to ‘join up’ their words with appropriate actions demonstrated by last week’s Budget, it presently promises to be more of a White Elephant than a Green Deal.

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