British homes lacking storage space

Posted on December 4, 2012 by davidb There have been 1 comment(s)

In a recent article by Monmouthshire County Life magazine it was revealed that some British homes lack the storage room for even the most basic household appliances. The article takes a closer look at the RIBA Ipsos MORI report on ‘The Way we live now: What people need and expect from their homes.’

The article and report reveal a number of key features that home owners want from their property. These are:

  1. Long-term and short-term storage for possessions people have chosen to keep during their lives
  2. Dedicated spaces for domestic utility tasks – such as ironing and washing
  3. Large windows fir natural light, large rooms and high ceilings or period features as they’re better known
  4. Large main living room for social functions such as entertaining and eating
  5. Technology focused house layouts – enough plug sockets for example
  6. Private space away from other household members
  7. Options for home layout modification
  8. An independent, cross-professional body to regulate the quality of new build homes and provide information.
  9. Free information to help homebuyers compare the important issues in housing. Such as noise safety, light and the environment

RIBA chief executive said: “It has been over half a century since a government-tasked committee researched how households live, yet the size and designs of homes being built now are still defined by that great but out-of-date report – from a time when we had sewing boxes in our living rooms and indoor toilets needed regulating.”

“Until today there has been no evidence base that sets out how we are living now and what we want from our homes.”

“This new research provides important evidence on which we can base some changes to the way our homes are designed, delivered, marketed and sold to us.”

Chief executive of Ipsos MORI, Ben Page said: “The research graphically shows just how cramped and poorly planned much of our housing is today, and the extraordinary lengths people go to cope with it. RIBA is absolutely right to draw attention to it. “

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Source: Monmouthshire County Life Magazine, Issue 46, P66-67

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1 Response to British homes lacking storage space

  • Is it that people do not have enough space or is it that people have far ' too much' stuff they are trying to store.
    For instance, many homes now have 2 or more televisions / screens rather than just the one, more than one computer, phone, mobile, cars, more clothes than they can wear.
    My small home for instance is overflowing with kids toys and clothes not because we don't have the space but because people keep buying or giving us more of them and we keep them.
    As someone once told me, we are all trying to live like kings but unfortunately none of the 'stuff' ever fills the inner gap. ( another discussion i am sure)
    That said if you're gonna have more stuff, you're gonna need more space.

    Posted on December 4, 2012 at 9:00 pm

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