Modern Building Methods

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)

This is the term commonly used throughout the construction industry to cover the many different ways that are progressively being tried and tested both on-site and 'Off-Site'- the term used for systems, compomnents and vollumentric buildings that are produced in a factory and transported to the site for assembly.

Modern Materials & Building Science

While the maintenance & use of traditional building crafts, especially for building renovations and remodeling remain essential, building is no longer a matter of working with local materials to create a simple wind and watertight shelter.

While this is still very much an important part of construction, today’s demands for climate controlled, energy efficient, environmentally sustainable, structures built using modern methods of construction with recyclable component modern building materials, has whisked us into the era of building science.

This ‘building physics’, or science, deals with the interrelated cause and effect issues.  For example airtightness and central heating can lead to condensation and damp walls, which in turn can cause mold and lead to respiratory health issues – modern methods needs a scientific understanding of construction and building science provides this.

Nowadays, modern materials may mean that ‘Bricks and mortar’, for example, may extend to include ‘brick slips’ that can be dry fixed to a well-insulated, airtight timber frame.

Composite materials may include metal, timber, or even composite ‘wood’ sidings (timber claddings), or render on a backing layer. 

Often such modern materials can bring the benefit of lower weights and costs, combined with improved energy efficiency and recycle-ability. Such composite ‘Modern Methods of Construction’ (MMC) often makes them more appropriate than using concrete blocks, for example. Likewise, concrete or clay roof tiles, or slates, may be substituted with composite building materials, like lightweight and more durable metal, plastic, or recycled rubber ‘look alike’ replacements.  

Building In Composite Material Benefits

The ‘knock on’ benefits of this include the possibility of lighter, less expensive foundations, the ability to avoid tree root & Tree Preservation Order problems, faster construction, less – or even nil – drying out problems, less shrinkage and attendant maintenance issues, and so on.   

Low Cost Design, Specification & Costing Service

If you think it might be advantageous for you to secure the services of a low cost integrated construction information service covering building design, materials specification and project costing, please send your dimensioned sketch plan and elevations to our On-line Building Centre for a free, no obligation estimate -,today.

Designing Your Extension

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