Don't Move - Improve !

IF …

  • You have decided that you actually want larger rooms in your property, rather than a greater number of rooms;
  • You really need more storage, circulation or ‘living’ space;
  • You’ve come to the conclusion that the possibility of spending – even going into debt – to the possible tune of £30,000 or more for the privilege of moving (see UK Costs of Moving House),
  • You don’t fancy the hassle and stress of finding a new home, arranging the mortgage, planning, the move and all those other things listed in our moving home checklist and …
  • The non-financial costs of moving to another locality might put an unnecessary strain on your family, friends, and general ‘social capital’,


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.... then maybe it is time to consider improving rather than moving.        

Here we consider some of the implications that you may wish to take into account as you do so.


Large Lifestyle Garage for Vintage Cars

Large Lifestyle Garage for Vintage Cars

Improving Your Property

So, you’ve decided to improve rather than move.

But are you doing this because you want to improve your lifestyle and standard of living, or because you want to improve the value of your home?

This might sound a peculiar question, since whatever improvements you make will of course add value. But some building works may be able to add more value than others.

Property Prices

In the UK, property prices are influenced by the demand for property in any particular location. House prices are pretty easy to compare just by looking in the properties for sale columns all your local newspaper, or looking in property finder. To get an idea of house price trends you may want to check these out in publications like Property News and Property Week.

Differences in Values

If you are aiming to improve the value of your property investme

nt in the short term, then it is a good idea to find out what

the highest value property, e.g. the most expensive house in your location is. Then establish the difference in price, or likely valuation, between your home and that property.

Also check out why it is that this difference in value exists. Is it because the other property has a more favourable location, or is larger, or better quality in some way?  It may also be worth checking out whether your home suffers from any property impairment, like restrictive planning conditions, or even future planning proposals for the area.

Difference in Values - Watch round Wad of Money

What’s Worth Doing?

This information will give you a basis to help you decide how much it is worth spending on your home improvements. Now is the time to start considering your property extension ideas and starting to get an idea of the extension costs.

Whatever property improvement solutions you come up with, you will also need to check out what improvement services and property improvement grants may be available to you in your area. It is also a good idea to find out what the increased value of any property additions will have on the cost to insure this when it is completed.

“Simply Build Extensions”

... will be pleased to help you think through the pros and cons of embarking on your home extension project. As you will have gathered there are a lot of things to consider and most people find that they can benefit from talking with a third party. This helps them to clarify their ideas, establish likely costs, and make sure that they can get planning and building regulation approvals as well as the funds to carry out the project.

Couple Dreaming of Home Imporvement

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