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Should I buy a bigger home?

More and more people want bigger houses, larger rooms, or simply more extra space in their home.

That is because unfortunately the UK has some of the smallest homes – and worst condition houses - in Europe.  While there are many reasons for this (see A Better Way to House Britain), it means that an increasing number of people with active lifestyles, growing families, or extended family, make up often need to add extra rooms, or create more living space. 

But home extension costs, ‘new’ house prices, and costs of moving house need careful consideration.


Costs of More Home Space

More room, or more rooms?

Buying a bigger house may initially seem to be the answer. But bigger homes do not necessarily mean that the rooms inside them will be sufficiently spacious.

In fact, while many of Britain’s volume house builders have been building larger properties, this has often been at the expense of room sizes. Because their marketing people have told them that new home buyers want 4, 5 and even 6 bedroom houses, they have responded by cramming more, but smaller rooms into an already restricted space – and used up what might have otherwise been storage space to do so.  

So, if what you want is an extra bedroom, or thing of adding other extra rooms, no matter how big they are, then buying - or building - a bigger home may be the right thing for you to do. However, before opting for this course we suggest you consider our information on the Cost of Moving House.


Costs of More Storage Space


Store More

But if, like many modern families with more to store, like games, sports and garden equipment so that you are really looking for extra storage space, or simply just want more space to ‘live’ in, then maybe you are already planning your house alterations.  If these involve altering the structure of your building, including enlarging house windows, and even internal house alterations, then we hope that this home alterations web site will provide – or point you to - the information that you are looking for.

If not, simply give us a call.  We’ll be pleased to help you in whatever way we can.

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