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Quick Overview

How much your home extension will cost will depend on a variety of things. Many of these, like the comparative costs of moving, creating more living space, and the way the costs of these varies, are discussed on the other pages in this section.

This page gives you a Brief, Quick Overview of prices for building an extension as at March 2011.


House Extension Prices


'Rule of Thumb’ Building Costs

Contributors to the Money Saving Expert’s forum Guide to House Extension Costs have complained about ‘rip-off’ building prices of £2,500 to £3,800 per square metre of floor area from various builders for new extensions. Without knowing the detail of site, shape, specification, etc. it is not really possible to comment on these. However:-

Rule of Thumb Extension Building Costs

Key to these extension costs are…

…  of course, the different internal floor space sizes and types of extension that are being built. The on-line price sharing community “What Price” provides a whole list of extension building prices obtained from user submissions. However, it takes time and skill to take-off all the different materials and construction elements to be able to calculate the likely cost of your home improvement from these.

“What Price” and others suggest that a basic extension cost might be around £1,000 per m2 (£93 per ft2) for something like a 5m x 4m ground floor extension to give a total area of 20m2.  That is to say they suggest this would cost around £20,000.

Home Extension Internal Floor Space

House Extension Internal Floor Sapce

Budget Extensions

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