Moving Home Checklist

How to move house

For most people, moving house is one of the most stressful things they ever do in their lives.  But much of this stress can be removed by thinking ahead and planning to minimise potential problems.

By carefully coordinating all the things you need to do to move your ‘goods and chattels, easily and safely, cancelling the milk and papers, and making sure you’ve redirected your mail, your change of address can soon start to become part of an enjoyable experience.  But don’t let this be marred by overlooking all the other things you need to do. Here we provide a ‘UK moving house checklist’ to help you through the planning and remembering stage.

Stressed about moving house

Moving House Can Be Stressfull

Mind Your Back - Avoid Heavy Lifting

Avoid Heavy Lifting

Mind your back! - Call in the professionals for any heavy lifting.

If you’ve only got a few suitcases and smaller personal possessions to move you maybe able to handle your move yourself. 

But if you move will involve much more than this you would be well advised to engage a firm of professional house removals experts to take care of this aspect of the move for you.

They can take care of all the packing, moving, and even unpacking to be done for you if you wish.  But you can keep the cost down by doing some, or all, of the packing yourself.  Even if you do, leave the shifting of boxes and furniture to the experts.

Getting Comparison Quotes

Nowadays it is quite common to ask a number of firms to quote for your ‘moving project’. When you ask them to quote make sure you ask them to include the same things so you can make an accurate comparison.

Cover for Breakages & Damage

Because even the most experienced removal men can make a mistake, drop a box with crockery or glass in it, tske a chunk out of the plaster or woodwork, or even get something stolen, make sure that the home moving company you engage are properly insured. If they are members of the BAR (British Association of Removers) they will have this. And if you plan on moving any precious, or special, items yourself, check that your home contents insurance covers these while they are in transit.

While on the subject of insurance, you could use moving home as an opportunity to search for a great deal on your home insurance.

Broken Piano in Snow

Breakage & Damage - Costs of Moving

Making some saving

Of course moving home is a super opportunity to go over all your household bills including those for your gas and electricity supplies and home insurance provider. Any savings here will go toward reducing your cost of moving house. As already mentioned, it is also a time to consider taking out an income protection policy.  This can give you a safety net in case you lose your job and income.


Plan your move well ahead

Plan Your Move Well in Advance

Plan ahead

Planning your move at least a month in advance will give you the chance to give away/dispose of anything no longer wanted.  Today there are many Charity Shops who can take all sorts of things, from furniture, ornaments, and soft furnishings as well as clothing.  So this might be a chance to be a ‘Good Samaritan’, as well as turning out things you no longer need and saving removals and storage costs into the bargain.  

Plan and Prepare Your Information

Make sure you give your firm of house removals as much information as possible about what you are taking with you. Also let them know about possible access difficulties at both your present house and your new address.
Sketching out a dimensioned plan of where you want to place everything you are moving into your new home will enable your removal specialists to put them – at least most of them - in the right place.  This will save you a great deal of time and frustration just when you might be starting to get a bit ‘frazzled’. Colour coding your packing cases will also make it much easier to find and unpack things.

By planning ahead you can also make sure that the utility and other services you need can be connected to your new home ready for when you get there. Maybe you want TV satellite and internet broadband to be connected, as well as the gas, electric, ‘phone and water.

Some of the comparison sites can help you to secure the best deals for you in advance, meaning you avoid having to pay over the odds for some standard package that many new homeowners have to put up with.

Avoid Fridays

If you can arrange to move midweek, rather than on a Friday, you cojuld be saving yourelef a load of hassle.  Because it is more convenient for many estate agents, solicitors and other professionals to finalise transactions on a Friday, many people find themselves moving on this day. However, this means that they, together with your bank and removal firm are likely to be much quieter during the week. You might even get a removal discount for choosing between Monday and Thursday!


Ssshhh – this should not be your Secret!

Turn your moving day into a joyful occasion.  A real ‘red letter’ day.  Don’t keep moving house a secret. Instead, prepare a checklist of all those people you need to tell, as well as family and friends.  As well as the utility companies, broadband and ‘phone suppliers, include anyone who provides you with financial services, like your bank, building society and credit card provider.

Enjoy Your Move

Enjoy Your House Move

Cancell the House Bills

Cancelling the Bills

Although you may not relish the thought of a new bill for Council Tax, you will want to get rid of the old one, so provide both authorities with the dates and details.  This will also help them update their electoral register. The same applies for getting the meters read in both properties. Likewise your insurers for home, car, and other things need to have you change of address details, as well as the TV licence and vehicle licencing authorities.  And don’t forget updates for  your driving licence, passport and any other service providers, as well as your dentist/s and doctor/s.



In case you’ve missed anyone it’s always a good idea to pay for the Post Office to redirect your mail for a set period.  This can also give you breathing space to inform anyone else that you need tom tell about your move.  An easy way to do this is to make up – or buy – pack of ‘moving home cards’.  And if you want to avoid the chore of having to fill all of these in manually, nowadays there are also online change of address services who, for what is usually a reasonable fee, will inform a range of organisations and others on your behalf. This can take quite a lot of pressure off your shoulders at what will quite quickly become a very busy time.

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