Extension Options

Having decided to extend your home...

What House Extension Types Should You Choose?

In our view, the essence is to make sure that the type of house extension you want is matched with the most appropriate building type, controlled by someone with the appropriate knowledge.

Whatever your choice, please remember that your new building will need to satisfy planning and building regulations, as well as complying with a number of other requirements, like Health & Safety,

Types of Extension

In this section we will look at what type of extension you need, e.g. 

  • a single storey front extension, a single or double side extension, or a full width rear house extension
  • an upward extension, e.g. extedning over a garage or ground floor projection
  • extending converting attic lofts to create more rooms in the roof
  • extend over the whole ground floor, e.g. with a  complete roof replacements
  • adding a penthouse extension or even more floors on top of a flat roofed building
  • adding additional buildings or garden extensions, perhaps for residential, home office or other use


Building Types  

Here we give you an overview of the types of construction that you may prefer, or that may be most suitable for your project.  This will cover:-

Masonry construction

  • Brick & Block 
  • Stone walling
  • Instu Concrete

Timber frame construction

  • Traditional ‘Green Oak’  
  • Modern post and beam
  • Platform frame panelised
  • SIP’s (Structurally Insulated Panels)
  • ‘Twin Wall’ method
  • ‘Tradical Hemcrete’
  • ‘Stick Build’ on site
  • Straw Bale
  • Rammed Earth
  • Cob Walling


Project Operations

Once you have determined what building system is most appropriate for type and design of extension that you have in mind, it is advisable to consider how best to manage the work.

In this section we will consider the main options available to your, viz:-

  • Using a main contractor to do all of the work
  • Engaging a project manager to oversee the purchase of all or some of the materials and sub-contract trades.
  • ‘Hands On’ self management of the total project, possibly, including doing some of the works yourself with family and friends.
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