Extending your House

Street Scene Considerations

Design your extension to take account of the whole street, particularly its immediate surroundings.  In particular consider how this might affect the street scene and if it can enhance the desirability of the area, which will of course benefit your property. In particular think about the following when positioning your house additions:

a) Surrounding properties

Make sure that the design of your home extension fits in with any particular designs, materials, or special details and that it avoids spoiling the character of the area by, for example, using non-local design features, like over-large windows, dormer, or flat roofs.

Avoid flat Roofs Avoid Over large Dormers

Avoid over large dormers in your extension


Avoid over large dormers in your extension

b) Appropriate Spacing

Spacing between and around buildings can contribute enormously the local character.  If you extend right up to the boundary of your property this might create an inappropriate “terracing effect”, or lead to an over cramped appearance both of the street scene and your own property, thereby damaging the overall appearance and value of your investment.

For example, if your extension has the same roof line as your present building, and the adjacent property could extend in the same way (only reasonable perhaps), you could both inadvertently turn, say, a detached or semi-detached house into a terraced property.  Do not rely on extensions that have been permitted and built in the past as a reason why your ideas should be accepted. You will need to think very carefully about your proposal in relation to what you neighbours may want to do as well as what you have in mind.

"terracing" effect   avoids terreacing

Avoid the Terracing Effect with your extension

Extension should be set back and lower to create a subservient appearance

c) Established pattern of development

If your road or building group has a clear “building line”, which follows a general
street alignment, any garage, conservatory, or other addition which does not observe this may not fit in with the street scene.

Inappropriate development will not be justified just because it is screened by trees, fencing, landscaping or any form of boundary treatment. You should also take care to respect the established layout and character of the area.

Avoid extending forward of "building line"

Avoid extending beyond established building line

  Respect the established layout of the area

Preserve the established layout of the area

Site Specific Considerations

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